Sacred Fire Foundation supports two Community Partnerships programs—Protecting the Sacred and Seeds of Trust— funding projects, programs and initiatives that strengthen the worldviews, sacred teachings, and lifeways of Indigenous People. By investing in Indigenous knowledge and wisdom traditions, we serve as a bridge. When Indigenous communities are strong, we all benefit. Despite the many challenges that Indigenous communities around the world face, their resilience, ability to innovate, and knowledge base is critical for all of humanity to learn. These varied experiences accumulated through millennia ensure the continuance of not only Indigenous cultures but all of humanity, for the generations to come.



In alignment with the mission of Sacred Fire Foundation, our Community Partnerships program, Protecting the Sacred, invests in grassroots projects and programs around the world that support Indigenous wisdom-keepers, knowledge-holders, and their communities in strengthening and revitalizing their cultural practices, language, ceremony, sacred teachings, and lifeways. By creating these reciprocal relationships, we have the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of what Indigenous people have known for thousands of years: Mother Earth is alive and we are a part of her. This intrinsic connection allows for a holistic approach to living and being. In renewing our relationship with the living world, we deepen our understanding of the urgent responsibility to be respectful caretakers for future generations.




Through our collaborative relationships with existing community partners, Sacred Fire Foundation recognizes that projects evolve and deepen. For those who have received funding from Sacred Fire Foundation in the past and have participated in the Seeds of Trust pilot program, we have developed a way to further fund continuing project work. Seeds of Trust partnerships involve mentorship, capacity building, peer-to-peer learning, funds for local training, networking with other funders, resource recommendation, proposal review, and empowering youth through technology training to support the Elders, among many other supports. The idea is to continue our productive collaboration with community partners who are in a position to further their project work. Launching soon.